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 :: [0] BACK & PRE-ORDER side
 :: [1·0] SIZE SCALE figures side
 :: [1·1] ACTION figures
 :: [1·2] 12 INCH figures
 :: [1·3] GASHAPON/capsule toys
 :: [1·4] SHOKUGAN/candy toys
 :: [1·5] TRADING figures
 :: [1·6] STATIC PVC figures
 :: [1·7] STATIC COLD CAST figures
 :: [1·8] PRIZE figures & items
 :: [1·9] APPENDIX figures & items
 :: [2·1] GUNDAM Plamo kits
 :: [2·2] CHARA Plamo kits
 :: [2·8] MODELING support goods
 :: [2·9] MODELING tools supplies
 :: [3·1] CHARA toys collectable
 :: [3·2] DESIGNERS toys collectable
 :: [4·1] CHARA GOODS side
 :: [4·2] DOLLS & Plushie side
 :: [4·3] APPARELS & accessories
 :: [4·4] BOOKS & magazine
 :: [4·4] CD, DVD & Blu-Ray
 :: [5·1] CARDDASS collectable
 :: [5·2] CARDDASS battle game
 :: [5·3] DATA CARDDASS digital game
 :: [5·4] TRADING card game (TCG)
 :: [5·5] COLLECTIBLE card game (CCG)
 :: [5·6] TRADING CARD collectable
 :: [5·7] PLAYING CARD collectable
 :: [5·9] CARD supplies side
 :: [7·0] VIDEO GAMES ALL generation
 :: [9] COLLECTOR's·LIMITED side


Character series

Product Line-up

free counters


[1-A] How to join our MEMBERSHIP ?

    [a] Purchased for total over ¥ 200.000,- (combined multiple purchase in 3 months) automatically you will get 1 year membership
    [b] By paying the membership fee ¥ 2.000,- for 1 year membership

 [1-B] How to extend our MEMBERSHIP ?

    [a] By paying with ¥ 1.000,- for extend 1 year membership
    [b] By trading only 10 XCP for 1 year membership

 We knew that its almost impossible if you became our member, and can't get only 10 XCP Point in 1 year purchasing, so if you join our membership, its likely became our member forever !!

[1-C] What's benefit join our MEMBER ?

    [1] You will get an 1 XCP Point for each ¥ 1.000,- purchased
    [2] Pre-ordering the item will get XCP Point !! and for FULLY PAID pre-order transaction, you will get DOUBLED XCP Point

    for example : Preordering item with total value ¥ 5.000,- and full payment in advance, you will get 5 XCP 10 XCP Point !!

[2-A] What is XCP Point?

    [1] An eXtra Change Price Point , it ONLY can be traded with an item/s of your choice as much as XCP Point you have
    [2] It's a loyalty service from us that MEMBER will get for every purchased item on our website   
    [3] You can view each item XCP value in the item details, the amount and rate of points may differ by item type.
    [4] XCP's can only be exchanged with an item with lower or equal XCP Value, for example :
         An item valued at 15 XCP Value CANNOT be exchanged with 10 XCP +Rp.50.000,-[5] XCP will only be valid depends on membership time period
         Also there are some items that can only be traded with your XCP or might cost you cheaper (many of it for Limited / Rare Item)

[2-B] How MEMBER get an XCP Point?

    [1] Only MEMBER will get XCP for every purchase (from ALL CATEGORIES include SALE & PRE-OWNED (update 2010, Sept 10))
    [2] For each ¥ 1.000,- purchased you will get 1 XCP Point

[2-C] How to check XCP Point earned/spent?

    [1] You can check it by email to us with subject : " XCP " and your member ID/mail
    [2] There may occasionally be a 1-2 days delay to reflect points earned or points used

[2-D] When are XCP Points applied to my account? Do they expire?
   [1] XCP Points will be applied to customer accounts approximately 7 days after shipment of the corresponding order.
   [2] XCP will only be valid depends on membership time period, and it will be automaticaly reduce if you have enough XCP to extend.


In this How To [ORDER] section, we will cover the following topics : How to create order, check out, process order & payment, and shipping.

[3-A] How to CREATE ORDER ?

    [1] Customers are welcome to put items into the shopping cart. You will find the [Add To Cart] button for each item that have available stock
    [2] If you want to adjust the quantity that you want to purchase, press the [Cart update] button, the quantity of item will be change in your shopping cart.
    [3] Then you can continue to see others item by click [Continue Browsing] OR press [Proceed to Check Out] button for check out process.

You will see some item not showing [Add To Cart] button. This is because this item is not available anymore for order. You may check again later for any update regarding any products OR simply click [email] button to send us mail to help you find the desired products

[3-B] How to CHECK OUT ?

    [1] Please fill your NAME, EMAIL, PHONE and SHIPPING ADDRESS on this page is correctly.
    [2] After that you can select the SHIPPING AREA according to your address area by clicking the link provided, and choose the desired shipping method option.
    [3] Then you can select your payment method
    [4] And you're welcome to leave us any special instruction about this order in the "Additional Notes" area. We will try our best to follow your requests.
    [5] Lastly. press the [Submit Order] button to finish it

After the transaction has been made, you will get the information  email of your purchased transaction, or if you don't receive it, you can check you Order by click HERE , fill your number transaction & your email adress.


    [1]We only accept payment to our account. As soon as you finish the procedure with a made transaction:
         [a] For transaction combine with Pre-order items or only instock item, you must finish the payment it in 1x24 hours
         [b] For Pre-order transaction only, we give 3x24 hours to finish the payment (Even if there is adjustment price , you still get the lower price)

    [2] After that time has passed, we have the right to process/delete the order only. For lowstock item, we gave priority to customers that already paid first, not by the time order was made.
          Thank you very much for your kindly understanding, this procedure for fighting against fraudulent transaction.


    [1] After we received your payment, we wil send the item (within 2 days work) using the shipping method you choose.
    [2] After the 1st step, we'll send you email the shipping number from shipping method you choose to your given mail.

[3-E] About ORDER F.A.Q.

   [Q1] Can I call to place an order?
          Sorry, we can not accept orders over the phone. or text message.

   [Q2] I want an item that I don't see on your website. Can you get it for me?
          Yes we can, price might be higher due to market nowadays. Go to CONTACT US section and type inquiry [product]. As our partner are based in Japan, so usually can easily get the items.
          We will check out the price and get back to you within 2 days work with total price, and if you agree, then min. 50% deposit must paid (In some case it need fullpayment) then we ordered it.

   [Q3] PRODUCT XYZ was just announced. When will you offer it for pre-order/sale?
  Information on new / upcoming releases are added to our website as soon as we are able to, because we can't take order that has not yet been officially announced by its manufacturer.
         But don't worry, we will open pre-order after its officially announced, so always check our website for update information. 


[4-A] About PRE-ORDER

    [1] For most collectible products, manufacturers all over the world are taking preorders. Hence, to ensure you secure your item before it is sold out, we taking a preorder deposit from you.
    [2] As the seller, we will definitely fulfill your order as long as you collect the item within 3 days from the time when item arrives in our warehouse
    [3] and likewise for you as a buyer, you are required to purchase your pre-ordered item when it arrives.
    [4] Hence, a non-refundable and non-exchangeable deposit is required.
    [5] Pre-order early with SAGAHOBBY to ensure the best prices offered. Any price reduction at a later time during pre-order stage will also be given to those who have ordered earlier.

[4-B] What is PRE-ORDER?

    [1] PRE-ORDER is a FULLY PAID purchase before the release date of the item.
         [a] ONLY our member can choose for PRE-ORDER order a HALF or FULLY PAID purchase before the release date of the item
         [b] Member who have FULLY PAID will get DOUBLE XCP Point !!
    [2] Customers who have FULLY PAID will get priority over those who have HALF PAID even they ordered earlier than the fully paid customer.

    [3] And there's 2 type of Pre-order :
         <1> NORMAL PRE-ORDER with mark [PO]
         <2> EARLY BIRD PRE-ORDER with mark [] ( -> date & month of dateline last order)
               so what is EARLY BIRD PRE-ORDER ?
               its a PRE-ORDER with additional discount 5~10% and usually with the dateline of order (many of it applies to Limited item ! that we can't get it after the dateline passed)

    [4] All Preorder items are still available after the Early Bird Pre-order Due Date but it without early bird more discounts of 5-10%.
    [5] All Preorders are open while/until our stocks last or dateline passed !
         PLEASE NOTE !! All payment/s for the PRE-ORDER transaction/s have to be completed within 3x24 hours, after making a transaction
         SAGAHOBBY reserves the right to cancel transaction/s should the payment/s fail to reach us after the allocated time

[4-C] So, what are the BENEFITS of PRE-ORDER ?!

    [1] Discounted Price !! (5~30% discount when item instock)
    [2] + XCP Point (member paid 50% deposit) / DOUBLE XCP Point (member paid full deposit)
    [3] Will SURELY get your item/s ordered as in order position
    [4] Will NEVER EVER be made to pay more, regardless of :
         the fluctuating market prices / cost in market cause rarity of item
         the fluctuating of exchange rate currency (condition apply only for FULLY PAID Preorder starting 22 Nov'08 )

[4-C] And last, this is PRE-ORDER terms : (Please read this before made Pre-order transaction)

    [1] A non-refundable deposit is required for all Pre-order (Even there's some delay of release date some item)
    [2] A Full Refund will only occur when SAGAHOBBY could not secure the item cause something that we don't want to happen (and XCP you get from Pre-ordering an item still will be yours)
    [3] SAGAHOBBY reserve the right to amend the price of the Pre-order item & release date of the Pre-order item with/without prior notice to the customer...
    [4] ...but once the transaction is complete, SAGAHOBBY shall endeavor to maintain the price stated in the Pre-order listing
    [5] All customer can choose to pay via Bank Transfer, ATM, or cash at our shop
    [5] The position(s) of Pre-order item according to the payment date , but those who have fully paid will take priority over those who half paid the item
    [6] SAGAHOBBY reserve the right to amend/add/delete any of the “Pre-order Terms and Condition” with/without prior notice
    [7] Customer are to agree to all the above Terms and Conditions when you make a Pre-order with SAGAHOBBY


[INDONESIA Customer - Payment & Shipping]

Indonesia customer - Payment via wire transfer (Bank, ATM) & Paypal

We accept payment via bank transfer (BCA & Mandiri) , and if local customer want to paid via paypal , we accept it too

Payment with Paypal must be sent as this step : [Send money] --> [Personal payment] --> [Payment owed]
checking the box [v] I will pay the fee
notes : must be sent that way because low Paypal fee for buyer

Indonesia customer - Shipping via Tiki JNE / MEX Barlian

for the detail of shipping fee, check HERE


[INTERNATIONAL Customer - PAYPAL payment & EMS shipping]

International customer - Payment ONLY via Paypal (additional 4% charges from total)

Payment with Paypal must be sent as this step : [Send money] --> [Personal payment] --> [Payment owed]
checking the box [v] I will pay the fee
notes : must be sent that way because low Paypal fee for buyer

International customer - Shipping via EMS & RAM

you can choose within 2 shipping method, via [★ EMS (Express Mail Service)] or [★ RAM (Registered Air Mail)]

      ■ EMS (Express Mail Service), as its name, its the fastest and safest form a shipping available.
      ■ Get the tracking number and include the insurance (as the value of item stated)
        We can undervalue to help save a cost for some country (but the insurance is same as value of the item stated)
      ■ Can check the whereabout your item using our & your country post office website
      ■ It will take 5-14 days after send out. (The arrival is different according to the destination country; which italy, mexico, brazil is longer than US or Asia )
      ■ Shipping fee listing via EMS can be check in HERE + our postal & handling fee , packaging cost, staff expenses and related transaport fee cost to post office
      ■ We will take photo of item that you order, and will mail to you, and we will as good well packed and wrap with bubble pack so you will get your orders in superb condition,
           but damage on shipping process is not our responsibillity !  because its already beyond our service      

      ■ Get a tracking number
      ■ Only can track out using our post office in here :
      ■ It will take 1-5 weeks after send out. (The arrival is different according to the destination country; which italy, mexico, brazil is longer than US or Asia )
         Sometimes it is likely to become slower by the congestion of the airport & the custom dept.
         We can't take responsibility for any lost, stolen, damaged or misdirected items (after it already send out from our country)
         PLEASE NOTE ! Insurance is put by change the shipping via EMS ONLY !!
      ■ Fixed shipping fee listing via REGISTERED AIR MAIL (RAM) [Last update : 20 Dec 2011]

  • JPY 1000 for weight value up to 100 gram
  • JPY 1500 for weight value 101 ~ 250 gram
  • JPY 2000 for weight value 251 ~ 500 gram
  • JPY 3000 for weight value 501 ~ 1000 gram
  • JPY 4000 for weight value 1001 ~ 2000 gram
  • over than 2000 gram (2 kg), it must shipped out via EMS !  
      ■ We will take photo of item that you order, and will mail to you, and we will as good well packed and wrap with bubble pack so you will get your orders in superb condition,
         but damage on shipping process is not our responsibillity !  because its already beyond our service      

 *Information on this page may be updated, changed, or amended without notice, last update : 2011-11-11

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